Wednesday, 13 May 2015

What's REAL? (and what's just your imagination playing tricks....)

A little explanation of my piece of work for Unlimited Four Play group show:

(I based my piece on some forest exploration on a road trip in Canada not so long ago...)
Having never encountered a bear in the wild before, and after countless 'jokes' from Canadians telling me to watch out for grizzlys, I was entirely convinced that there was a 50/50% chance I was going to end up as a bear's dinner. 

I literally believed that this was an absolute likelihood.
So, every forest hike was bittersweet as I enjoyed the unbelievable beauty and peace, but at the same was gripped with a very real fear. Out of the corner of my eyes, I kept seeing things move in the shadows and start creeping closer... This continued for days, until finally I realised that none of that was actually happening... that there was never anything there watching... and creeping towards me.. it was all in my mind! 
Yet I really saw them!!? 
Or did I?

So I chose the word REAL from the selection of four letter words provided, and using some of my Canadian forest pictures, plus my own made-up doodles, I created my picture full of hidden beasties and creeping scuttlers....

Some bats, a ghost or two.. & I'm pretty sure there's an alien over there...

Bear spray!? "Me: so do you just spray it on yourself like mosquito repellant?" The answer is NO!

Beasties... scuttling shnufflers... something's tail....and a sparkling jewel??

That's definitely a bear.... is a bear..
The exhibition is on until the end of May at Unlimited 
10 Church Street, Brighton BN1 1US, UK
or online

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